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ECL Online Test

Our new service will help you see your own level of language acquisition in English and German with the most advanced online technology. When you get the result you will be able to decide easily which level of the ECL exam you should apply for. The ECL online test on the internet is simple and clear. More or less it has the features and structure of the real exam and it does not require any special knowledge of informatics.

The order of the ECL online test:

1. Reading comprehension: two tasks, maximum 25 points
2. Writing tasks: two tasks, maximum 25 points
3. Listening comprehension: two tasks, maximum 25 points

The ECL online test, owing to technical limitations, does not test the speaking skill, the fourth skill at the ECL exam. At present you will find three test series in both languages and on each level (A-D) on the internet.

Information for the assessment of the ECL online test:

25-25 points can be given in each skill, that is 75 points altogether, just like in the real exam. It is important to know that the ECL exam is successful when the candidate gets at least 60% of the points in each skill and altogether too. If the candidate gets more than 80% total points, then it compensates for one skill that is under 60% (but minimum 50%).

The steps of the ECL online test:

1. You register on the internet or you are registered in the online administration system of the test centre.

2. Choosing the way of payment you pay the fee that will provide you with the opportunity of one or more ECL online tests.

3. You will get an e-mail message about your successful registration and the number of “credits”, that is opportunities, to take the ECL online test. After that you can log in the system and start to do the ECL online test any time, using the user name and password you have been given.

4. The tasks are the easy-to-use online versions of the well-known tasks: multiple choice tests, gap-filling or “drag and drop”, pairing, etc. To complete the tasks of each skill you will have five minutes more compared to the real exam because of the possibly more difficult technical procedure.

5. You can stop your ECL online test and start again some other time. A task which you have not finished will not be remembered by the server so you need to complete this task again.

6. One part of the test (reading comprehension, listening comprehension) will automatically be assessed by the software, while the written parts will be corrected and assessed by our test experts in a short time. You will get a summary of the results by e-mail.

7. If you start from the opening page of the ECL online test you can have a look at all you have completed as well as corrected ECL online tests and you will be able to print the detailed results.

The price of the ECL online test:

The price of the ECL online test is 12 euros per test (three skills per level per language). This should be paid into the bank account:

Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Hungarian National Bank)
1851 Budapest, Szabadság tér 8-9
Accont No.: 10024003-00282716-00000000
Swift code: MANEHUHB
IBAN code: HU 86 10024003-00282716-00000000
USD-IDNR: HU15329798
To number: PTE INYT 62118

The sum can be transferred or paid by cheque. Please send us the copy of your cheque or money transfer to the fax +36 72 251 929 or to ecl@inyt.pte.hu. You are going to be given the credit to be able to start the ECL online test.